jQuery Lazy Loading Images with Simple Example

This week I stumbled upon a great mystery of Lazy Loading. I have seen this effect on multiple websites but never an example of how to do it.

The basic idea is that when you have many images on a website, they tend to take a lot of time to load when user connects to your website. With lazy load we can prevent the loading of these images until user should see them. Continue reading jQuery Lazy Loading Images with Simple Example

Sleep Function Examples of Popular Programming Languages

One of the most used functions of all time in programming is the sleep function. This widely spread function has come across at some point for us all. Usually at the beginning of learning how to program, we get the need to know how to processing of our finely tuned software. Most of the times this due to programming something in a funny way or just debugging and finding out what is going on.

Sleep function is part of every modern and not so modern programming language. It is used on many tasks but usually the main task of it is to wait something to happen. It usually works by suspending the execution of currently processing thread, but I think there are some solutions which just causes the program to “wait” until the time specified in the Sleep Function has passed. Continue reading Sleep Function Examples of Popular Programming Languages

Windows, Mac and Linux

As long as I have lived we have had Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Windows is at it’s version of 8, Mac which operating system goes by the name of OS X is at its’ tenth version and Linux has a lot of different variations but the most used distribution is Ubuntu which is at version 14.10.

This post based on my personal opinions of these operating systems and should be read that way. I have used Windows, Mac and Linux for considerably good time. I have based my thoughts on these moments and here I will give you a little tour of their strengths and weaknesses as Windows, Mac and Linux are ultimately the choices you have as a operting system. The idea for this post came at me when I was offered a brand new MacBook Pro at my workplace. Continue reading Windows, Mac and Linux

CSS Shadow

With the latest CSS version CSS3 we were introduced on a major scale to the world of CSS Shadow. On January 13th 2015 Firefox officially enabled full support for CSS filters which allows developers to abandon old methods and conquer the new. In celebration of this I have concluded a post which contains examples of great CSS Shadow effects and how to use them.

There are thousands of usage points with filters and one of the best is CSS Shadow. In order to achieve the effects of shadows in web design we may use text shadow, drop shadow or box shadow. The best case is if you can make a plain image and apply CSS Shadow to that and not create the picture with the shadow. This creates amazing effects on differently scaled and sized devices. Continue reading CSS Shadow

Best Blogging Platform is WordPress

I have tried many many different blogging platform, and I have finally come to an conclusion that which one is the best blogging platform. It is WordPress. There are tens of very good blogging platforms out there, but there just aint as good as WordPress. My last blogging platform here on Lennu.net was Octopress, and it served me very well for last few years. It was a new technology when it was released and I was excited about it. But after using WordPress on some other websites, I knew that I had to change. There just are not as simple tool as WordPress and that makes it the best blogging platform. Continue reading Best Blogging Platform is WordPress

Finnish Education System

Finland started the process of educating me when I was six years old. Usually they start this when the citizen is seven but they took me in because I was born in January and was pretty close being seven. So I was six and the government had enough of looking me just running around without purpose. They launched me to the many times cited the best education system in the world. Continue reading Finnish Education System

Web Testing Tutorial Using DalekJS

DalekJS Logo
Have you ever wondered how to easily test the web pages you were creating? Or just want to test some issues multiple times between development phases? I have tried some testing tools including the widely used Selenium. These tools tend to be quite heavy and hard to start doing the actual testing.

Now there is a new guy in the room which in my opinion offers a quite new experience. Dalek.js provides simple and very fast way to do automated web testing which scales from very small projects to large ones. It supports all the major browsers and can script them, take screenshots and create reports about the tests. Continue reading Web Testing Tutorial Using DalekJS

Developing for Android: PhoneGap versus Native

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, which originally was used mostly with mobile phones, but it has been developed afterwards to support also tablets. Application development to Android can be made in two different ways. The first and the most used way of these two is to produce applications with native development style, where the application’s source code is written in operating system’s default programming languages and style. The second approach is to use application development framework, where the application’s source code is written by the rules and programming languages needed for the application development framework. Continue reading Developing for Android: PhoneGap versus Native

Automate Your Transmission Torrent Clients with Puppet

Puppet Logo
Last week I reviewed command-line torrent clients and found that Transmission was the most suitable for my needs.

This week I have made Puppet module for automating the distribution of .torrent files with the usage of Transmission-Daemon.

If you have multiple Torrent Clients running the same Torrents then here is an example how you could control all of them.
Continue reading Automate Your Transmission Torrent Clients with Puppet