JavaEE and Tomcat Basic Tutorial in Ubuntu 12.04

If you are interested in developing JavaEE with Linux and don’t want to use any IDE, or you are just looking around how JavaEE and Tomcat works with Ubuntu 12.04, well here is a fast and simple tutorial for you. Our object is to create a weight index calculator!

Developing for Android: PhoneGap Versus Native

PhoneGap Logo Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, which originally was used mostly with mobile phones, but it has been developed afterwards to support also tablets. Application development to Android can be made in two different ways. The first and the most used way of these two is to produce applications with native development style, where the application’s source code is written in operating system’s default programming languages and style. The second approach is to use application development framework, where the application’s source code is written by the rules and programming languages needed for the application development framework.

Automate Your Transmission Torrent Clients With Puppet

Puppet logo Last week I reviewed command-line torrent clients and found that Transmission was the most suitable for my needs.

This week I have made Puppet module for automating the distribution of .torrent files with the usage of Transmission-Daemon.

If you have multiple Torrent Clients running the same Torrents then here is an example how you could control all of them.

Puppet Forge and Cookbook

Puppet logo Puppet continues! On todays post I will review one Puppet Forge module and see how many similar are there. On this post I will also show some examples based on the official Puppet Cookbook.