Main points of TOGAF

TOGAF is a enterprise architecture standard that is fully free and open for any organization to use. It is developed by The Open Group and the first version was published in 1995. The standard is full and works fine on its own but most organizations tend to use just parts of it or just certain part to fill their enterprise architecture models. The development group consists of a wide spectrum and the result represents the needs of the whole community of these stakeholders.

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Historical evolution of analytics

The first occurrences of analysis of statistics are found from the 19th century by Frederick Winslow Taylor who performed time management exercises. Even Henry Ford took some interest into the assembly lines and how performant they were. The breakthrough came in the 1970s when Edgar F. Codd created relational databases which held mostly structured data and allowed users for retrieve the data by writing SQL. These kind of databases and SQL are still very much in use even today.

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How to exclude specs or test files from webpack build in TS project

If you have your spec files in your typescript project but not the actual test runner you might be getting some weird errors. This might happen if you have in a monorepo environment or some similar situation.

This error is actually good one because usually you shouldn’t have tests within your build.

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